astroquartz pure silica grade fabric JPS Composite MaterialsJPS created the Astroquartz ® line of fabrics in 1964 in support of the NASA Gemini and Apollo missions. Since its creation Astroquartz ® has established itself as the recognized leader in pure (99.9% +) silica grade fabrics. The electrical, thermal, and strength properties of Astroquartz® are unparalleled.

Today Astroquartz ® can be found in many groundbreaking applications including to assist commercial aviation connectivity and military aircraft communications, heat shields for orbital and martian space explorers, and as thermal protection for sensors and other temperature sensitive parts. All of our Astroquartz ® fabrics are certifiable to AMS 3846.

JPS is the world leader for quartz fabric production for composite applications. Our Astroquartz ® fabrics established the use of high purity silica in fabric form, a role we are very proud of and a legacy we are excited to continue.

Additional data and support for Astroquartz ® is available upon request. Give us a call today, we are happy to help.

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