Aerospace Advanced Composites
JPS Composite Materials has the capability to produce e-glass, S-glass, Astroquartz ® carbon, para-aramid, and other specialty fabrics for use in demanding aerospace applications for over 60 years. We are capable of qualifying fabrics to AMS, MIL, BMS, and CMH standards.

JPS Composite Materials is an ISO 9001 certified aerospace supplier, with work underway to qualify to AS9100 in 2018.

We produce aerospace grade materials out of our Anderson, SC and Statesville, NC plants. Both plants are the legacy Clark-Schwebel/HexcelSchwebel/Hexcel glass and para-aramid fabric production facilities.
JPS Composite Materials is an industry leader when it comes to aerospace grade reinforcement fabrics. We were pioneers of weaving glass, Astroquartz ® and para-aramid.  We were the first weaver to institute company FOD awareness and prevention protocols.  We offer more fabric style-width-finish combinations, with shorter lead times, than anyone else.
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