JPS Composite Materials is the largest weaver of glass fabrics in North America, dedicated to their use in the printed circuit board and electrical insulation industries.

We produce a large variety of lightweight plain weave e-glass and low dielectric glass fabrics, with the capability to provide fully spread fiber glass fabrics suitable for demanding signal integrity applications.

Our fabrics can be tailored to work with FR-4 and other epoxy based systems, as well as cynate ester, polybutadiene, BT, phenolic, melamine, polyimide and PTFE coatings, among many others. Our customizable glass finishes can be matched to your resin system and specification requirements to improve reliability, electrical, thermal, and signal integrity performance.

JPS Composite Materials is a member of IPC 4412 committee, and actively certifies our fiberglass fabrics to the specification governing the use glass fabrics in printed circuit boards
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