At JPS Composite Materials, we supply a range of reinforcement fabrics for a range of industries and applications.


automotive applications








JPS Composite Materials has built a foundation of innovative products for the automotive industry. We provide materials for galvanic protection, raw materials honeycomb panels for weight savings, fabrics to provide dent and ding resistance, and fiberglass for sound insulation.

JPS Composite Materials is also a leading manufacturer of DuPont Kevlar®, Teijin Twaron®, and para-aramid fabrics, used for structural support and impact resistance, as well as sound insulation, and safety.

For automotive applications, this means we are well prepared to help you find ways to reduce vehicle weights, improve strength to weight ratios, increase sound dampening, and provide materials suitable for dent resistance and repair.

JPS is committed to supplying new solutions tailored to your individual needs. We offer a multitude of different materials, fabrics, and finish options to ensure that each solution best meets your specific application as well as raw material, supply chain, and logistic needs.

Insulation for Power Generation

reinforcement fabrics for power generation

JPS Composite Materials manufactures a complete line of glass fabrics specifically designed for use as mica-backed tapes used as insulation in electric motor and turbine applications. We have worked hard to develop low thickness, high strength fabrics to meet the most demanding of applications.

JPS fiberglass fabrics offer excellent temperature insulation and are capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions with minimal rot or organic contamination. Some of these applications include:

  • Ablation (i.e. sound dampening)
  • Pipe wrapping
  • Lagging
  • Engineered pads
  • Spray shields
  • Thermal blankets
  • Barries for aircraft and rocket engines
  • Under the hood (for automotive applications)
  • Heat reflectors

All of our fiberglass and specialty fabric products are 100% asbestos-free. JPS has developed a specific line of Antimony-free materials to allow our fiberglass fabrics to pass the strictest of environmental regulations. Our Antimony-free fabrics are approved for use in Naval shipyards nationwide.

We offer fabric finish chemistries designed for use in combination with mica and other ceramic coatings, rubber, silicones, thermosets, and thermoplastic coatings. We can also design fabric finishes to be used with many varieties of films and foils.

Recreational: Boat/Tooling/Surf

reinforcement fabrics for recreational applications

JPS Composite Materials is the leading supplier of technical solutions for surfboards and stand up paddleboards. We recognize that a superior surf substrate must be a multifaceted solution. The JPS brand of Great White™ surf fabrics has been recognized as having the highest clarity, with the brightest whiteness, in the surf industry. We specially developed our Great White™ finish to offer optimal clarity when used with polyester and epoxy resins, to help make your graphics really pop!

The Great White™ finish offers a soft hand for easy board glassing while maintaining critical strength to minimize kick damage and breakage. Our Great White™ surfboard fabrics are the industry choice for workability, whiteness, and strength.

  • For the manufacturer, Great White™ offers an excellent hand that lies on the blank smoothly without wrinkles.
  • For the designer, Great White™ provides a whiter palette to make graphics pop.
  • For the surfer, Great White™ adds strength for championship performance.

JPS offers full lines of glass, para-aramid, thermoplastic, and specialty fabrics suitable for surf and other recreational/sporting good applications. Our fabrics are currently found in everything from stand-up paddleboards and nitro-boats, to pole vault shafts and top fuel dragsters.

Para-Aramids / Protection

ballistic reinforcement fabrics from JPS

JPS Composite Materials has dedicated years to the development of materials and fabrics capable of effectively providing protection from threats.

JPS Composite Materials is one of the largest weavers of aramids and other high-performance fabrics in North America. Our fabrics include Kevlar®, Twaron®, Dyneema®, Spectra®, and other high-performance brand fibers. These cutting-edge performance fabrics offer unmatched resistance to cuts, stabs, abrasions, and blunt force trauma while maintaining low weights, high strengths, and user comfort.

JPS engineers are currently working on the next generation of  vehicle and aircraft protection and projectile containment technologies. Our strategic partnerships with vendors, universities, and government agencies ensure that JPS customers will benefit from the latest developments in para-aramid research and materials.

We pioneered weaving para-aramid yarns into fabric. We understand the market and are constantly innovating to meet the needs of tomorrow’s soldiers and protectors.


reinforcement fabrics for electronic applications

Fiberglass reinforcements from JPS Composite Materials provide excellent electrical insulation and high-temperature durability. Our fabrics are used as laminate reinforcements in printed circuit boards, as well as to provide insulation and strength to electrical transformers and switches. Our e-glass, S-glass, and Astroquartz ® fabrics provide low dielectric strength, high-temperature dimensional stability, and good mechanical strength, making our fiberglass an ideal solution to several complex problems.

We are pleased to announce that our fiberglass fabrics are now available with full spread yarn technology. Our spread glass capabilities can be married with the ideal fabric finish suitable for your resin chemistry, allowing for improved resistance to cracking and crazing, improved signal integrity, and CAF resistance.

Our fabrics can be tailored to work with FR-4 and other epoxy-based systems, as well as cyanate ester, polybutadiene, BT, phenolic, melamine, polyimide, and PTFE coatings, among many others. Our customizable glass finishes can be matched to your resin system and specification requirements to improve reliability, electrical, thermal, and signal integrity performance.

JPS Composite Materials is a member of IPC 4412 committee, and actively certifies our fiberglass fabrics to the specification governing the use of glass fabrics in printed circuit boards.

Additional applications:

  • PCB Substrate
  • PTFE coated
  • Tapes


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