speciality fabrics

JPS Composite Materials is continually looking for new and novel reinforcement materials.

In addition to fiberglass, Astroquartz®, para-aramid, and UHMWPE fabrics, we also have the capability to weave thermoplastic fibers, basalt, and other non-traditional materials, as well as non-traditional weave patterns.

We are proud of our history of innovation, a history that includes a wide range of weaving and fabric finishing capabilities. On the fabric finishing side, we can develop specific fabric finishes to help tailor your coating bond strength with the underlying fabric.

We currently have the ability to finish glass, Astroquartz ®, para-aramid, 3M Nextel®, UHMWPE, carbon, basalt, and many other material types.

Our engineers and scientists are looking to the future with you. Give us a call today!