JPS’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Engagement has gained recognition from EcoVadis, a pioneering platform that offers supplier sustainability ratings for global supply chains.

The imperative to be transparent about sustainability and CSR practices within supply chains is on the rise. As a supplier, JPS’s sustainability performance is evaluated through the EcoVadis CSR Scorecard, which has become indispensable due to growing demand from our customers.

EcoVadis serves as a crucial supplier scorecard for customers, providing them with insights into a supplier’s CSR performance, their sustainability standing relative to peers, and sector-specific initiatives.

It offers customers a comprehensive overview of their suppliers’ commitments and sustainability practices, increasingly becoming a valuable marketing tool for customer engagement.

EcoVadis employs a methodology that encompasses 21 CSR criteria organized into four main themes:


Labor & Human Rights


Sustainable Procurement

JPS is pleased to have attained the Bronze level status, and which differentiates us from peers.


EcoVadis Bronze