JPS stands as a distinguished manufacturer and innovator, specializing in the production of premium woven substrates that form the bedrock of the aerospace industry. With an unwavering focus on excellence, JPS plays a pivotal role in crafting high-performance woven fabrics crucial to the composite structures of both commercial and military aircraft programs.


Expertise in High-Quality Woven Fabrics:

At the core of JPS’s capabilities is its mastery in creating top-tier woven fabrics. These fabrics are not only integral to the aerospace market but also have a profound impact on military aviation. JPS’s contributions span across an impressive array of applications, encompassing modern missile programs, fixed-wing military aircraft, and military helicopters.


Diverse Aerospace Applications & Programs:

JPS’s influence reaches extensively within the aerospace sector. It encompasses glass fabrics employed in secondary aircraft components like commercial aircraft interior paneling, aramid fabrics bolstering reinforced cockpit doors, and notably, the forefront of advanced quartz fabrics utilized in critical components such as radomes and antenna housings for various military and commercial programs.

JPS is an indispensable partner on every Boeing commercial aircraft program, most Airbus and business jet programs, and boasts key supplier status for an impressive roster of defense programs including the F-35, F-22, B-2, B-21, THAAD, GMLRS, and Javelin, among many others. The company’s contributions extend to iconic helicopter programs like Apache and Blackhawk, further reinforcing its industry significance.


Broad-Spectrum Impact:

JPS’s products possess a transformative impact, resonating across diverse sectors including the industrial sphere, commercial aviation, and defense realm. This broad influence testifies to the company’s technological prowess and capacity to tailor solutions to meet the unique requirements of each sector.

JPS’s position as a premier manufacturer and trailblazer in high-quality woven fabrics remains unparalleled. Its profound influence on military aviation, versatile industrial applications, and balanced dedication to both commercial and defense domains solidify its role within the expansive industrial landscape.