Best Finishes for Glass Fabrics

8H satin glass

Fiberglass fabrics are highly versatile, enabling engineers to continually develop a variety of lightweight, budget-friendly products and improve upon existing items. More commonly known as “glass fabrics,” this type of material provides significant chemical resistance, high tensile strength, high thermal conductivity, and high thermal endurance. On average, glass fabrics can retain roughly 50% of their […]

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Astroquartz® Applications in the Aerospace Industry

aerospace fabrics

In 1964, JPS Composite Materials created Astroquartz® fabrics to support the NASA Gemini and Apollo missions. Since then, AstroQuartz® composite fabrics have become popular for use on groundbreaking aerospace applications. These fabrics have superior strength combined with unparalleled electrical and thermal properties, and all products in this line are certified to AMS 3846. Some of the characteristics […]

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