JPS Composite Materials has dedicated years to the development of materials and fabrics capable of effectively providing protection from ballistic threats. We produce fabrics suitable for military and law enforcement use, as well as in industrial protection applications.

We pioneered weaving para-aramid yarns in to fabric. We understand the needs ballistic protection and are constantly innovating to meet the needs of tomorrow’s soldiers and protectors.

Lightweight, durable, and comfortable materials are vital in this industry to ensure that the users will not hesitate to wear soft body armor for protection. The high strength of fabrics woven from Dupont Kevlar ® or Teijin Twaron ® brand fibers provide phenomenal ballistic and blunt trauma protection.

We are also excited to introduce our exclusive line of DSM Dyneema ® ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fabrics, capable of providing the newest generation of ballistic protection and safety materials. Our DSM Dyneema ® and Honeywell Spectra ® UHMWPE fabrics offer developers a unique, extremely lightweight, new tool in the race to protect those that protect us.

Kevlar ® and Twaron ®

DuPont Kevlar ® and Teijin Twaron ® are para-aramid fabrics used for ballistic protection, high strength composites and wear and resistant products. JPS has been weaving aramid fabrics for over 40 years. Our fabrics are used military and civilian protection applications. We also offer Kevlar ® and Twaron ® fabrics fully certifiable to AMS-3902 and BMS 8-381 for use in aerospace applications.

DSM Dyneema ® and Honeywell Spectra ®

DSM Dyneema ® and Honeywell Spectra ® are ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers.

JPS has teamed with DSM to introduce an exclusive line of woven Dyneema ® fabrics suitable for the most demanding and lightweight ballistic protection applications. Call us today to learn more about this exciting new line of fabrics!

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JPS Composite Materials

JPS Composite Materials