Astroquartz® Applications in the Aerospace Industry

In 1964, JPS Composite Materials created Astroquartz® fabrics to support the NASA Gemini and Apollo missions. Since then, AstroQuartz® composite fabrics have become popular for use on groundbreaking aerospace applications. These fabrics have superior strength combined with unparalleled electrical and thermal properties, and all products in this line are certified to AMS 3846.

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Some of the characteristics of Astroquartz® that make it ideal for aerospace applications include:

  • Physical and mechanical. Pure silica Astroquartz® has a superior strength-to-weight ratio and functions well when subjected to torsion and flexing. It also maintains transparency to ultraviolet radiation at temperatures exceeding 750° C or 1382° F.
  • Chemical. Astroquartz® is impervious to halogens and most acids, chemically stable, non-hygroscopic, and water-insoluble.
  • Thermal. Astroquartz® can be used in temperatures up to 1050° C or 1922° F, with great resistance to thermal shock and dimensional stability under thermal cycling.
  • Electrical. The dielectric constant and loss tangent factor of Astroquartz® exceeds all other mineral fibers, maintaining these characteristics at high temperatures and frequencies.

Common Uses of Quartz Fabrics

Astroquartz® is used for many of the world’s most innovative and groundbreaking applications, including:

  • Aircraft insulation. Because of their superior thermal properties, quartz fabrics are widely used to insulate areas around aircraft engines. Quartz fabrics provide thermal insulation and fire protection, which is ideal for both normal flight operations and emergencies.
  • Heat shields. Heat shields made from quartz fabrics are used in space and missile applications to protect spacecraft from thermal cycles and protect jet airplane cowlings from damage due to intense heat.
  • Protection products/systems. Quartz fibers have proven effective in air quality sampling and testing in high temperatures. They don’t react to acidic gases, so they ensure an accurate reading. The fibers are also suitable for filtering tiny particles.
  • Radomes. Quartz fabrics are used to create radomes, 3D dome-shaped weatherproof enclosures used to protect radar antenna outside of the aircraft. The quartz fibers attenuate the electromagnetic signal that is sent or received by the antenna. They are often used in military and defense applications.
  • Satellite communication systems. Astroquartz® is used to control satellite temperatures.
  • Thermal blankets. Quartz materials make excellent thermal blankets that provide multi-layer insulation to protect spacecraft hardware from harsh thermal cycles in a vacuum.
  • Thermal Ablatives. Space vehicles that are re-entering the atmosphere encounter temperatures higher than 4,500°F. Thermal ablatives reinforced with Astroquartz® fibers provide protection against thermal degradation to ensure the integrity of the rocket motor and hardware.

High Purity Silica Astroquartz® Fabrics

JPS is the world leader in Astroquartz® fabric production, creating products that stand up to the extreme conditions that are typical in aerospace, military, and defense applications.

To ensure optimal quality, we maintain AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications. To learn more about JPS and our Astroquartz® fabric line, contact us today.