An Introduction to Surf Fabrics

Surfboard construction begins with a foam core, or blank, which the builder shapes into the desired design. They then sink plugs into the board to allow for the later addition of fins or other add-ons. Finally, the builder “glasses” the board using fiberglass fabric and then applies an epoxy or polyester resin coating. The glass type and weight of the fabric is determined by the intended use. At JPS Composite Materials, we have developed the Great White line of surf fabrics to provide board builders an edge to stand out and create better boards.


Fabrics for the Surf Industry

Typically, fiberglass fabric is used to coat foam cores and fins, while extra reinforcements such as resin or alternative fabrics can be added to increase levels of strength and durability. The two main applications for surf fabrics are stand up paddleboards and surfboards. There are two surf fabrics available:


This highly affordable option offers numerous high-performance characteristics, as it has the highest strength to weight ratio of any fabric option. As such, it is one of the most popular options available, comprising 90% of surf fabrics.


For applications requiring higher levels of strength, S-glass is preferable. This fabric provides superior toughness and impact resistance and makes up approximately 5% of surf fabrics. The final 5% of fabrics are made from miscellaneous fiber combinations that are not readily available.


JPS’ Great White Finish

The JPS Great White line of fabrics makes up the majority of our product offering for the surf market. The proprietary finish chemistry applied to our surf fabrics enhances the strength of the finished product enabling it to withstand harsh marine environments. However, the biggest advantage of our Great White finish is the pure whiteness and clarity of the fabric. As an added bonus, this exclusive JPS brand offers a soft hand which proves easy to work with during board construction.

Working With JPS for Your Surf Fabric Solutions

The creation of an ideal surfboard is art. The design and construction depend on an individual surfer’s skill level and the type of surfing he or she will be doing. At JPS Composite Materials, our surf fabric solutions are carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of every customer. We have extensive experience working in the surfing community.

We are leaders in the creation of fabric solutions for surfboards and stand up paddleboards. Our Great White fabric provides industry leading performance that allows a builder to create boards that are strong and durable. To learn more about our surf fabric solutions, contact us today.