JPS’s Continued Support to the PCB Industry

PCB Industry

Since 2000, the U.S. PCB market has shrunk dramatically. 25 years ago, 30% of PCB’s sold globally had US content. . Today that share has been reduced to 4% while the global market has consistently grown.  WIth this in mind, building the industry again seems like a good move.

JPS’s Support to the PCB Industry Never Wavered

Regardless of the domestic industry’s downswing, JPS Composite Materials has consistently supported the PCB market. With the leadership role on a key industry standards committee at the IPC and being an active member of the PCBAA (Printed Circuit Board Association of America), we have provided unwavering support in driving innovation and technological development for the woven glass fabrics the industry relies on to build PCBs for advanced high performance applications. 

Investing in the Innovation of the Market

JPS is poised to continue making significant investments in manufacturing high quality glass fabrics and other critical technologies.

Our goal is to consistently provide world class fabrics while continuously pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. JPS has never given up on the PCB market and will continue to lead the way toward a brighter and more robust domestic industry through new product development.  

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