In Q1 2023 JPS Composite Materials joined the PCBAA (the Printed Circuit Board Association of America). The PCBAA is a two-year-old consortium of US based companies that support domestic

production of printed circuit boards (PCB’s), and the materials they are made of, as well as the proliferation of the domestic PCB raw material supply chain.

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In June 2023 JPS joined the PCBAA’s annual meeting in Washington DC reviewing the organizations initiatives and efforts underway to promote a domestic PCB ecosystem. Additionally, while there JPS spent a day on Capitol Hill with the PCBAA meeting with members of Congress drawing their attention to the fragility of the domestic PCB industry and promoting the recently introduced ‘Protecting Circuit Boards & Substrates’ act. The proposed legislation calls for industry subsidies and tax breaks in follow up to the ‘Chips and Science’ act that was signed into law in August of 2022 providing $280 billion in new funding to boost domestic research and manufacturing of semiconductors in the US. The premise of the ‘Protecting Circuit Boards & Substrates’ act is that “chips don’t float” – semiconductors require a PCB in order to work.

JPS fully supports the PCBAA as the legislation proposed in 2023. Our capabilities, core competencies and technology road map align well with the efforts underway. We are prepared to support the future of the US PCB industry and investing in next generation technologies.